Action Items Week of February 15

Action items the week of February 15-20:

  1. Make a phone call and write a letter or postcard to each of these senators in the Health and Pensions Committee – urging them to schedule a hearing for SB 391:

Senator Bill White

Senator Holly Rehder

Senator Bill Eigel

Senator Andrew Koenig

Senator Bob Onder

2. Contact your local Senator this week, and ask them to get behind SB 391. Ask them to co-sponsor this bill. Tell them it has been assigned to the Health and Pensions committee and we want a hearing.

3. Complete a Witness Form in favor of SB 391 with its original language – to be delivered to the hearing. The Witness Form Tool is located on the front page of in the right column (center for mobile devices). Consider testifying in person when SB 391 is scheduled to be heard.

4. Save the date for the Abolish Abortion Missouri Rally inside the Capitol on March 10, 2021! Write it on your calendar. Take the day off and talk to your legislator before the rally. Bring your friends and family.

5. Tell your friends, family and fellow churchgoers about the bill to abolish abortion in Missouri. Encourage them to complete their SB 391 Witness Form and contact their senator to ask them to support SB 391.