Resolution to Provide Equal Protection to Unborn Children

Mike Moon has filed a resolution to provide equal protection under the law to unborn children. SJR 48 bridges the gap to protect children who have not yet made the journey through the birth canal. Under Missouri law, it is illegal to kill or harm an unborn child… except of course if you are a licensed physician, you are using “approved” methods, and other arbitrary criteria are met. This inconsistent and inequitable approach to law in Missouri is unjust and unsustainable. We must stop showing partiality. We must apply equal protection under the law to all people ESPECIALLY the most vulnerable.

This is a Senate Joint Resolution (SJR). It is not a bill. This resolution will have to proceed through the legislative process like a bill. If passed, it will put the issue of abortion abolition to a vote of the people in the November election. If it passes by a vote of the people, it will amend the Missouri Constitution to make abortion illegal. So, this resolution, if passed, will let the people decide the issue of abortion in this state.