Should Aborting Women Be Prosecuted?

In recent news, some states have filed legislation allowing infants who have already been born to be legally killed. Abortion “rights” advocates are being consistent with their beliefs that if a woman must be able to sacrifice her living child before birth, she should also not be hindered in doing the same thing to her child after it is born. You have to admit, it is the logical outworking.

Under current Missouri law, when a woman or a man, or a doctor, or anyone else murders a child after birth, they are subject to prosecution for homicide. Why is it that mothers and licensed physicians are immune from any prosecution prior to birth? Do we really believe that the child is a living person before it is born? Why don’t we act like it? Do we believe the child has the same right to equal protection under the law as you and I do? Do we really believe abortion is murder?

Bradley Pierce of Abolish Abortion Texas talks about prosecution for abortion:

These are questions we are going to have to flesh out. Since most of us have grown up in a culture where tossing a living child in a gutter and leaving him for dead carries with it the possibility of prosecution for homicide — we are aghast at the horror of making it legal. Yet, this is exactly what is on the table.