Now What?

Roe is dead – what happens next? Now the battle begins at the state level. AG Eric Schmitt has made a declaration outlawing abortion in Missouri, with the exception of “medically necessary” abortions. Other flaws with the law are that abortion is not treated as murder and that mothers are immune to prosecution. Christians need to rise up to restore righteousness and justice in Missouri.

Now is the time to speak the truth in love, pointing out that we need to have equal justice under the law. If a child is a child, whether born or unborn, the law must reflect that in order to be just. There should not be partiality for those with certain licenses, titles, skill levels, relational status, ages, etc. The penalty for murdering a child 3 months after birth, should be the same penalty for murdering a child 3 months before the birth.

We also need to strike the nonsense verbiage about “medically necessary” abortions, as we all know that when a physician has two patients to take care of, he does the best he can to save both. It is not up to him to decide that one life is of more value than the other, but rather to triage multiple patients in each situation that involves a pregnant woman, to determine what the most appropriate actions are to save life to the best of his ability and to do no harm.

If you are interested in being biblically equipped to fight the battle against child sacrifice in Missouri, we invite you to an insightful presentation by Bradley Pierce on Saturday, July 9th in Rolla, Missouri. Please contact us for more information.