AAMO Podcast 3: Why Abolition?

We’re joined by Kevan Myers to “go back to the foundation” and consider what it means to hold to an abolitionist position on abortion. What is abolitionism?

Specifically we’re talking about the difference between the approach that the pro-life movement takes to ending abortion, and the approach that abolitionists take.

Episode Guide:
7:40 – What are the “broad brush” differences between the pro-life movement and the abolition movement?
14:30 – “The Five Tenets of Abolitionism”
17:15 – “Tenet 1 – Abolition is Biblical”
18:42 – “Tenet 2 – Abolition is Gospel-Centered”
24:41 – “Tenet 3 – Abolition is ‘Body-Driven'”
28:10 – “Tenet 5 – Abolition is Providential”
30:41 – “Tenet 4 – Abolition is Immediate and Uncompromising”
41:02 – “Some Ways to Get Involved”

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