AAMO Podcast 5: Answering Objections to Abolition Part 2

We’re back again with Joshua Jenkins and Kevan Myers finishing out our two-part series on objections to an abolitionist approach to ending abortion.

Episode Guide:

5:01 – Why do we believe women (and all those involved in abortion) should be prosecuted? Aren’t women victims?

8:32 – Abolition is loving to all people

16:00 – Would an abolition bill punish people who’d be involved in abortion prior to the law’s implementation? Also – how would prosecuting these crimes work?

24:35 – If we passed an abolition law, it’d just get held up in court, so why should we still work to pass a law like that?

29:35 – What should a state do if that happens? What is the doctrine of lesser magistrates and interposition?

37:19 – Why are incremental laws wrong, and also, why don’t they work?

45:30 – Note about the New York Times interviewing someone who performed a home abortion.

46:25 – What would a successful abolition law’s implementation look like?


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Video of the New York Time’s expose` of a woman who performed a home abortion on herself – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjIgYs81mB8

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