AAMO Podcast 8: Why And How We Go To Planned Parenthood

We’re joined again by Kevan Myers to answer the question “why do we go to planned parenthood and plead for baby’s lives?” In addition to answering that, Kevan lays out some amazingly helpful advice and strategies for “how” to go as well.
This is a powerful episode – Kevan highlights the great need, and great opportunity, held out for those who will go and stand outside the gates of death.
One particularly poignant point is that Christians greatly help the witness of Christ’s Church when we go, because it shows that we are concerned. Kevan’s point at 23:40 about abortion not being a big issue for Christians because we don’t stand outside abortion mills is such an important one.

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Episode Guide:
1:50 – What does it look like to go to Planned Parenthood?
3:45 – Does it make a difference to go?
5:00 – Why should we go?
13:25 – How do you start?
18:45 – What should you take?
22:15 – What should you do there? (Be present, preach, plead, pray, provide, provoke, praise) 
30:15 – Christians understand how to be both sorrowful and joyful in this task, and are uniquely suited for it
32:03 – What if there’s no abortion mill near you, or else not one that’s performing abortion?
35:23 – What specifically do we say when we go? Both to those who work at murder mills, and those going into them?
44:40 – What if Christians supported abolition as much as they did Chik-Fil-A?
45:45 Christian, in This Bloody Day

Christian, In This Bloody Day
“We live in a day of slaughter,
When folks do slay both son and daughter.

When parents want to give “no room”,
And target those inside the womb.

Christian, in this bloody day,
Will you now your Lord obey?

Who will go to stand for Christ?
To the gates of child sacrifice?

Will you go the Truth to speak?
Seek to stand up for the weak?

Bring the Gospel, the lost to reach?
Take your stand inside the breach?

Will cold weather make you balk?
Or a ways you have to walk?

No matter what they say in town?
Even if folks at church do frown?

Will you go if others don’t?
Whether sinners give heed–or if they won’t?

Will you love in word AND deed
Open mouth, for the poor to plead?

So love mercy, do what is just;
Now walk humbly, in God trust.

As for fruit, remember what is:
Duty is ours. Results are HIS.”