AAMO Podcast 14: Hospital Under Investigation Because They Wouldn’t Murder A Child

We’re joined by Wes Scroggins and Violet Stephens – Violet helps to educate us on a recent story about a hospital in Missouri that supposedly refused needed medical care (during an emergency) to a pregnant woman. Specifically, the hospital is being investigated because they refused to abort the baby.

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Show Notes:
An Article on Expectant Management

Article on “Neonatal survival after prolonged preterm premature rupture of membranes before 24 weeks”

A Very Biased Article on “Maternal morbidity after preterm premature rupture of membranes at <24 weeks"
– Here’s a note from Violet on this particular article: “I want to emphasize that the conclusion was that 15% of women walked away with a live baby and no morbidity. But if you look at what was included in morbidity, they were including things like repair of lacerations and readmission to a hospital within 6 weeks. That’s downright misleading, as a lot of women delivering babies have lacerations requiring a repair.
The other glaring omission was that when compared to women who chose termination – 0% walked away with no morbidity and a live baby. I guess they just thought it went without saying.