AAMO Podcast 15: The State of Abolition in the SBC and MBC (and elsewhere!)

We’re joined by Adam Cochrun and David Van Bebber from the “TAG: You’re It” podcast to talk about their involvement in the fight against abortion in the SBC and MBC.

Our website: https://abolishabortionmo.org/

TAG You’re It website: https://tagyoureitministries.org/

Episode Guide:

6:00 Adam’s involvement in the SBC and MBC

9:25 – Explanation of how resolutions in the MBC work and some positive shifts in the SBC

20:50 – How language impacts abolitionism

23:30 – Should we feel positive about these shifts in SBC and MBC

35:00 – What needs to happen within the Kansas-Nebraska and Missouri Baptist conventions to further abolition

40:00 – Strategy to use NAMB funds for abolitionist ministry

41:50 – Strategy to use print media in Missouri for abolitionist causes