AAMO Podcast 16: AAMO 16 – Senator Mike Moon and SB356

We’re joined by Wes Scroggins and State Senator Mike Moon to discuss SB356 and how you can help us fight to see abortion abolished.

Our Website – https://abolishabortionmo.org/

The process for the Bill to pass into law:
1. It must be referred to committee
2. The chairman of the committee must “hear it”
3. It must then be voted “out” of committee
4. It must go to the senate floor for discussion and debate

We need help at each stage – to start, contact Senator Caleb Rowden and ask him to assign the bill to committee
Caleb Rowden’s phone # – 573-751-3931

Also, to encourage Senator Moon, you can call you email him @ the following:
Phone – 573-751-1480
Email – [email protected]

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to be more involved in the fight against abortion, and especially to pray for Senator Moon and his supporters, and for SB356 to pass!