AAMO Podcast 18: AAMO 18 – Good News For Abolition In Missouri!

We’re joined by Wes Scroggins and Representative Bob Titus to discuss the good news regarding the abolitionists efforts in Missouri. For the first time in any State, we have bills for abolition in both the House and Senate!

Our Website – where you can subscribe to our newsletter, and donate to the cause:

Actionable Items for our listeners:
1. Continue to call Senator Rowden and ask him to assign SB356 to the “Health and Welfare Committee”
– 573-751-3931
2. Call Speaker of the House Dean Plocker and ask him to assign HB818 to the “Children and Families Committee”
– 573-751-1544
3. Contact Representative Titus and encourage him or ask him any questions you have about how to further get involved
– 573-751-3833
[email protected]

4. Please make plans to join us at the Capitol in Jefferson City on Wednesday, February 15th at 1PM for our annual abolitionist rally. Rusty Thomas will be our main speaker.

Show Notes:
1:35 – Introduction to Representative Titus
4:20 – The good news regarding abolition in our State Legislature
7:00 – Challenges to getting HB818 passed
12:00 – What can others do to help pass both of these bills?
16:20 – The current attitude in our Capitol regarding abolition
22:00 – How to contact Representative Titus
23:28 – How to pray for Representative Titus
25:35 – Current actionable items for our fellow abolitionists
29:10 – Closing thoughts