Modernized Child Sacrifice

Child sacrifice continues unabated in Missouri, in spite of the assertions of mainstream pro-life lobbyists and RINO legislators. To some, this may be a shocking revelation. Especially considering so many reports, infographics and marketing materials that point to a decrease in child sacrifice. But, is that what’s really happening? Is the abortion monster finally dead? Or is the truth being obscured?

World News recently published an article that sheds light on modern day child sacrifice, stating “According to the latest data from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, chemical abortions already accounted for 53 percent of all abortions in 2020.” That was 3 years ago, prior to the explosion of tele-health and the overturning of Roe. At this point, child sacrifice has become so pervasive in the United States, it’s impossible to even track.

This modern version may be more palatable for the average American than the placing of a screaming infant onto the burning alter of Molech. It is certainly easier for Christians to close their eyes and plug their ears when they no longer see or hear the cries of innocent children. Nonetheless, their blood cries out to the Lord for justice. Do we think that He who planted the ear cannot hear, or He who formed the eye does not see? Will He not rebuke the nation who does this evil? Will the wicked rulers who frame injustice by statute be counted as faithful legislators and advocates? According to Psalm 94, the LORD will wipe them out. Let us then repent, believe God and live like it.