Marijuana and Child Sacrifice in Missouri

What does marijuana have to do with abortion in Missouri???

Not too long ago marijuana was illegal in Missouri, but proponents of marijuana understood how simple it would be to use Missouri’s outdated petition process to legalize usage statewide. Money flooded in from all over the country to target Missouri.

Conservative Missourians statewide were shocked to find out that recreational marijuana was legalized statewide overnight. Only a few urban districts voted to legalize marijuana, yet that was sufficient to overrule the rest of the state.

Radical Abortion proponents nationwide took note, and since the overturning of Roe v Wade, have been hard at work to find ways to bolster their bloody industry – in spite of conservative states. They know that these same Missouri districts that voted to legalize marijauna will also vote to amend our State Constitution to declare that child sacrifice is a “right” thereby codifying abortion INTO our constitution.

Currently, there are 11 different amendments underway and you can expect to see versions of them on the ballot come November. We knew this was coming and yet a bunch of cowardly RINOs in our legislature sat on their hands.

What can we do now?

We can contact Governor Parson to ask him to call a special session to reform the unfair IP (initiative petition) process.

A balanced constitutional amendment process would be to require concurrent majority ratification (CMR) based on Missouri House districts. This gives all the districts a fair vote, rather than the current process that gives Kansas City and St. Louis control.

Governor Mike Parson needs to hear from us! Please call him today. Then write a letter and put it in the mail today. Contact your friends and family and ask them to do the same.

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Jefferson City, MO 65102

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