“WE NEVER TELL” Veritas exposes Planned Parenthood funneling Missouri girls across state lines to sacrifice their children.

As if the Abortion Giant’s activities aren’t barbaric enough, Project Veritas catches them boldly trafficking 13 year old girls out-of-state, usurping parents, teachers, or any adult who may have their best interests in mind. This disgusting, yet lucrative practice enables continued sexual abuse and predation to go unchecked AND entices these young and vulnerable girls into participating in the murder of their own children.

The following is courtesy of ProjectVeritas.com…

[KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI] While abortion is prohibited by state law in Missouri, this has not stopped Planned Parenthood from providing every necessity for minor girls to be transported across state lines for an abortion in neighboring Kansas.

In a conversation with an investigative journalist, a Managing Director for Planned Parenthood in Kansas City, Missouri, explains how frequently clinics arrange inter-state abortion transport for minors without parental consent. “Every day,” she laughs.

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Managing Director “Lashauna” describes the elaborate lengths the abortion giant will go to facilitate, and help conceal, abortions for minors. She describes their process of setting up hotels, arranging inter-state transport, providing doctor’s notes to the child’s school, and even paying for the abortion, as a common service they offer to minors without parental knowledge. She also references a “bypass” that is available to the minors – this bypass seems to also bypass parental knowledge. 

The video also reveals the shocking ease with which an adult can facilitate a young person’s abortion, despite not being related to the child. In this investigation, the journalist poses as the older uncle of a thirteen-year-old child seeking Planned Parenthood’s assistance to terminate his niece’s pregnancy quickly and secretly. The clinic manager appears unphased by this scenario and extremely helpful. 

She tells the journalist, “In Planned Parenthood, we consider you an adult, you can make the decision then we’ve got you…We never tell the parents anything.” 

The clinic’s casual admission of its willingness to perform secret abortions on minors and subvert parental consent raises concern for other ways Planned Parenthood’s “bypass” system could be utilized to exploit and conceal the sexual abuse of children. 

Additional questions remain unanswered.

Are lawmakers aware that Planned Parenthood has successfully created a “bypass” for young minors to acquire an abortion in another state without without parental consent?

Are schools and teachers cognizant of the fact that Planned Parenthood could be taking students out of school under deceitful pretenses to facilitate abortions without their parents’ knowledge? 

If Planned Parenthood is doing this “every day” in one state, how many teenage girls across this nation have been transported between states for secret abortions?

Our investigation into Planned Parenthood isn’t over. Stay tuned for Part Two.