When a woman’s life is in danger?

December 14, 2023

Abortion, the intentional killing of a pre-born human being, is never necessary to save the life of the mother. Abortion exceptions for “the life of the mother” are never necessary in bills of equal protection. This rhetoric was easy to push in the 70s and 80s when ignorance of fetal life and women’s health abounded.…

Serious Questions

December 14, 2023

Some Serious Questions If someone ends the life of another, without just cause (i.e., murder), should the murderer be held accountable?  Of course, with exceptions, laws in every state of the union mete out certain punishments for taking the life of a human (homicide). Many examples can be found to make the point that justice for the…

Equal Protection Under the Law is God’s Standard for Justice

November 19, 2023

Listen to and share this timely message from Bill Ascol on Isaiah 10:1-4

Jeff Durbin on Ohio and Equal Protection, Muhammad Jihad’s Opening Presentation

November 19, 2023

Listen to Dr. James White and Jeff Durbin talk about Abortion in Ohio and the rest of the nation. Discussion of abortion is the first 35 minutes of this audio message.


November 18, 2023

You may have heard of extremists who are bent on punishing and criminalizing women. At least that’s a primary talking point of those who oppose ending abortion. What we are calling for is equal protection under the law. According to the Missouri Constitution: That all constitutional government is intended to promote the general welfare of…

Why Criminalize Women?

November 17, 2023

Why would Abolitionists want to criminalize women? The short answer is, we don’t. Abolitionists seek to establish justice. Exodus 23:7 says: “Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not aquit the guilty” But it’s a great way for dishonest folks…

Marijuana and Child Sacrifice in Missouri

August 2, 2023

What does marijuana have to do with abortion in Missouri??? Not too long ago marijuana was illegal in Missouri, but proponents of marijuana understood how simple it would be to use Missouri’s outdated petition process to legalize usage statewide. Money flooded in from all over the country to target Missouri. Conservative Missourians statewide were shocked…

AAMO Podcast 20: AAMO 20 – Competing Bills to Abolition in Missouri Congress

February 28, 2023

We’re joined by Adam “Ray Ray” Cochrun from the “TAG You’re It!” Podcast, who is also a member of the AAMO executive board, to discuss the other bills regarding abortion in the Missouri House and Senate.Adam has done the time-consumptive work of going through the various bills in our congress and boiling their main problems…

Modernized Child Sacrifice

February 15, 2023

Child sacrifice continues unabated in Missouri, in spite of the assertions of mainstream pro-life lobbyists and RINO legislators. To some, this may be a shocking revelation. Especially considering so many reports, infographics and marketing materials that point to a decrease in child sacrifice. But, is that what’s really happening? Is the abortion monster finally dead?…

AAMO Podcast 19: AAMO 19 – Leading From the Front – Pastoral Leadership and Abolition

February 13, 2023

   We’re joined by Joshua Jenkins, Kevan Myers, and Stephan Albin to discuss what it looks like to lead local churches in the fight for abolition. Our Website:https://abolishabortionmo.org/